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The two-year campaign to close the gap in gender equality funding aims to drive momentum in philanthropic giving

NEW YORKJuly 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —


  1. Give Bold, Get Equal prioritizes gender equality as an urgent focus of philanthropic giving after the pandemic has set women’s progress back decades.
  2. This campaign demonstrates to the philanthropic world that gender equality is not a footnote but sits at the heart of the fight to make our world more equitable for all.
  3. Even with the historic $40 billion+ commitment coming out of the Generation Equality Forum, the movement for gender equality has an enormous gap to close, with only 2% of philanthropic capital in the United States going to advance gender equality.

Women Moving Millions (WMM), a global philanthropic community of women dedicated to creating a gender-equal world, announced that it exceeded its commitment to mobilize $100 million in resources from its member community by 2022. As of July 2nd, the Give Bold, Get Equal campaign has surpassed its $100 million target in record time, in under nine months instead of two years. The Give Bold, Get Equal campaign will continue into 2022.

The campaign, launched last fall, called upon WMM members to commit $1 million or more to resource the leaders on the frontlines of gender equality work. As the pandemic exacerbates the inequities that women and girls face worldwide, this campaign is a direct response to the magnitude of the crisis. With the historic commitment of $40 billion coming out of the United Nation’s Generation Equality Forum, from foundations and global governments, this campaign stands out as an example of the combined power of feminist leadership and collective action.

The campaign continues to demand increased investment from the philanthropic community and beyond. With less than 2% of philanthropic giving going to organizations working on gender equality in the United States, we must harness the momentum generated by this week’s announcement to close the funding gap and catapult gender equality to the top of the list of global priorities. Even as the global community convenes in Paris for the Generation Equality Forum, the reality is gender equality remains chronically under-supported, a reflection of the underrepresentation of women in key leadership positions and at decision-making tables that control the conversation and resources.

“We are incredibly grateful and emboldened by this response from our community,” said WMM Executive Director Sarah Haacke Byrd. “The success of this campaign in such a short time period shows what happens when you combine the power of feminist leadership and community; the impossible becomes possible. We are taking a huge step forward towards funding for gender equality, but the key is momentum. Despite the increased attention to the inequities that impact women and girls worldwide, the funding gap persists. We call upon every person to join us and give boldly to get equal.”

About WMM

Women Moving Millions (WMM) is a global community of over 340 individuals in 16 countries who have each made a minimum $1M USD commitment to organizations and initiatives benefiting women and girls. To date, WMM members have collectively committed over $820M. WMM envisions a gender equal world where women and girls are agents of change in their own lives and communities. Challenging its members to be better philanthropists, WMM offers specially curated programs to spark learning, deepen connections, and inspire bold giving.

SOURCE Women Moving Millions

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