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Member Programs

Through member education programs, our community convenes to spark learning, deepen connections, and inspire bold giving. Throughout the year, we connect with and amplify the work of leaders who are transforming inequitable systems and explore how to be partners in that change.

WMM programs create safe and challenging spaces for growth, while also nurturing curiosity, collaboration, and belonging.

Annual Summit and Member Day

The Annual Summit is our flagship ecosystem event. This invitation-only gathering convenes WMM members and partners to learn, share, and connect with each other and to examine the role philanthropy can play in driving change.

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Philanthropic Leadership Program

This cohort experience is designed for members to clarify their leadership and philanthropy, build community, and deepen their commitment to the movement for gender equality. This intimate multi-day learning retreat is a transformative cornerstone of the member experience.

A Bold Community

Membership offers access to an extraordinary community of peers who share our mission and vision for a gender equal world.

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Access to Ecosystem of Diverse Leaders

Our extensive network of partners offers our community the opportunity to connect and converse with the world’s most influential leaders, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, and activists who are working to advance gender equality.

Member Gatherings

Our curated gatherings enhance the member experience by providing unique spaces to share and learn about each other’s philanthropic journeys, deepen professional and personal relationships, and further their impact.

Virtual Learning

From immersive learning experiences to skills-building workshops, members engage in interactive virtual programs featuring meaningful discussions and deep dives with leaders to better understand trends, issues, and developments in philanthropy and gender equality.

Together we can do more.

Use the power of your voice and influence to accelerate progress toward a gender
equal world.

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