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Dear Friends, 

Since the leak of the Supreme Court draft decision this past week, which would effectively end the right to abortion in much of the United States, we, along with many in our community, have been processing the implications of the news and wrestling with feelings of betrayal, anger, and hurt. This is what we know: at this moment our very freedom and right to equality of opportunity are under threat. 

The theme of our April Summit, “The Future of Democracy is Gender Equality,” with its corresponding program, was designed with intention and urgency. We are living through an unprecedented period of assault on women’s rights. The rise in autocratic behavior globally threatens women’s safety, health, and opportunity. At the heart of this field of battle is the right to reproductive freedom.

We are in a critical moment in the fight for women’s fundamental rights. When bodily autonomy is threatened, half of the population can no longer participate equally in society. Furthermore, poor women and women of color, already struggling under the weight of the pandemic, will bear the brunt of this decision. As a community dedicated to expanding the rights of women and girls, we now have a responsibility to act. 

As we always do during these moments of crisis, we start with listening. Early last week, we began to reach out to partners and members working in reproductive rights and justice to learn how we can be effective partners in this work. Here is what they had to say about what we and you can do now:

  1. Support the ecosystem of political organizations working to increase women’s political power and expand voting rights.
  2. Call upon business leaders to take a stand and center women’s rights in the workplace.
  3. Review your investment portfolio to ensure value alignment.
  4. Raise your voice and reach out to your state and Congressional representatives to let your opposition be known.
  5. Share information with one another about funding priorities, advocacy opportunities, and learning resources

Reproductive rights and freedom are essential to realizing WMM’s vision of a gender equal world. We are committed to being partners in change in the long journey before us. 

In partnership, 

Sarah & Mona

Sarah Haacke Byrd – Chief Executive Officer, Women Moving Millions
S. Mona Sinha – Board Chair, Women Moving Millions

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