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Women Moving Millions’ mission is simple but bold: to move unprecedented resources to realize a gender equal world. From the start, we’ve understood the exponential power and potential of bringing together a community of women philanthropists to accelerate change. This knowledge guided our founding campaign and drives us to build a better tomorrow.

To realize our vision of a gender equal world, we must mobilize greater resources for the intersecting global movements fighting for gender and racial equality. With less than 2% of philanthropy going to women and girls, this vision will remain out of reach unless we shift the quantity and quality of funds. By closing the funding gap, we can take action to address the systemic and cultural barriers that continue to affect the lives of millions of women globally. This commitment to strengthening the funding ecosystem of the movement has never been more urgent.

This past year, we continued to adapt to an evolving operating environment amidst a growing global crisis for women’s rights. At the tail end of a pandemic that had a disproportionate gendered impact, we witnessed a rolling back of reproductive freedom, escalating humanitarian crises, worsening climate change, and rising political violence—all of which threaten the hard fought progress made to advance gender equality worldwide.

During this time, we remained laser-focused on our three strategic plan goals: to grow our membership and collective impact, invest in the leadership journey of our members, and catalyze new resources for gender equality. We sought to build upon the momentum and success of the prior year’s Give Bold, Get Equal Campaign, expand our virtual and in-person programs, and advocate for increased funding.

We doubled down on our pledge to drive greater resources to the movement. We grew our community, mobilizing $42 million in new funding commitments, including over $10 million mobilized through WMM’s Women’s Power and Influence Matching Fund, our transformative new partnership with Pivotal Ventures. Through responsiveness, leadership, and bold action, we demonstrated once again that WMM is a unique platform that can catalyze strategic giving in ways that bolster women’s power and influence.

We were thrilled to come together for our first in-person Annual Summit since 2019, where we were inspired by the magic of solidarity in community. This community understands what’s at stake, whether we’re mobilizing to learn from reproductive rights experts in the wake of the Dobbs decision or identifying opportunities to strengthen democracy through gender equality. The WMM community doesn’t just envision a world that is just, at peace, and flourishing—we strive to make that vision reality.

As we look to the year ahead, your partnership in this work is as critical as ever. By leveraging our combined power, we can achieve more than just incremental impact —we can drive exponential change.

We’re thrilled to share this annual report, a celebration of everything we have collectively accomplished this year. Thank you for all you’ve done, in these pages and beyond, to strengthen our community and build a gender equal world!

In partnership,

Sarah Haacke Byrd, Chief Executive Officer & S. Mona Sinha Board Chair


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