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Dear Friends,

On Friday, our fears were realized. With the repeal of the federal constitutional right to abortion by the Supreme Court of the United States, along with the call to roll back further protections, including contraception access and LGBTQ+ rights, we have entered a new dangerously regressive era. 

At this moment where our very freedom and right to equality of opportunity are under threat, we must lean into our values and guiding beliefs as a community – to give and lead boldly, hold sacred space for deep listening and learning, lean into partnership strategies rooted in trust, and to embrace our collective power. We also must center the women most impacted by this decision, particularly women of color, without the means to access care outside of their resident states and who may undertake dangerous risks that may cause great harm. 

The right to bodily autonomy and self-determination is central to democracy and essential for gender equality. The fight to overcome discriminatory laws and customs that negatively impact women’s opportunity is a shared global one. As a community dedicated to expanding the rights of women and girls worldwide, we have a responsibility to act. We must do so in a way that is supportive of movement leadership and communities who have been on the frontlines of this fight for decades. 

As we shared last month, informed by our partners and members, here are some immediate ways you can take action:

  1. Provide sustainable funding to the ecosystem of reproductive justice and rights organizations, along with political and cultural movement organizations working to increase women’s political power and representation and expand voting rights.
  2. Call upon business leaders to take a stand and center women’s rights in the workplace, such as through the Don’t Ban Equality pledge, which can be found here
  3. Review your investment portfolio to ensure value alignment and other opportunities to flex your power as a shareholder.
  4. Raise your voice and reach out to your state and Congressional representatives to let your opposition be known.

Reproductive rights and freedom are essential to realizing WMM’s vision of a gender equal world. We are committed to being partners in change in the long journey before us. 


In partnership, 

Sarah & Mona


Sarah Haacke Byrd Chief Executive Officer, Women Moving Millions

S. Mona Sinha – Board Chair, Women Moving Millions


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