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Women Moving Millions’ strategy is driven by our shared values of bold action, curiosity, and the power of community. In 2020, Women Moving Millions launched a strategic plan to grow our community, double our collective impact, invest in our members’ philanthropic leadership journeys, and inspire bold giving. We will expand upon the critical role we play in strengthening the funding ecosystem of the movement for gender equality. And, we will advocate to overcome one of the greatest barriers to equality: access to capital.

Our strategy is driven by these three ambitious goals:

1. Double the size of our collective impact 

By 2025, we will double our membership and mobilize increased investment in organizations and initiatives benefiting women and girls. We will catalyze a minimum of $275 million in additional resources to achieve gender equality. Through storytelling, knowledge sharing, and research, we will demonstrate the power and collective impact of our community to accelerate progress toward gender equality.

2. Invest in the leadership journey of our community to enhance their philanthropy

Building on a multiyear investment in our groundbreaking Philanthropic Leadership Program from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we will invest in expanding and diversifying our educational program offerings for members. Our goal is to further nurture and support our members’ understanding of how to be supportive leaders in service of the women’s movement, hone skills to enhance their philanthropy, dive deep into issues impacting women and girls, promote the use of gender lens investing to transform systems, and strengthen the connections between members to fuel learning, inspire sharing, and foster collaboration.

3. Spark a demonstrable increase in resources for women and girls from external sources

Research demonstrates that investing in women and girls has an exponential impact beyond the individual. With this knowledge, we will build out an advocacy program to raise awareness about how a gender-focused approach translates to stronger and more resilient families, communities, organizations, and nations. We will tap into our community’s collective strength, knowledge, and networks to call for gender-focused investment approaches, amplify better models of change, bring our thought leadership, stories of impact, and ideas to the broader philanthropic community, and – ultimately – mobilize more resources to accelerate gender equality.

In 2023, Women Moving Millions launched a strategic planning process to update this plan as we approach a critical milestone for women’s power and influence: 2030. We are excited to share more in the coming months – stay tuned!

WMM Releases New Report

In 2023, we surveyed the WMM membership in our inaugural Community Impact Survey. We are thrilled to share our results and learnings through our new report, Catalyzing Change: Powering the Movement through Community & Collaboration (2024). The results of this survey not only validated our theory of change, but also provided us with a deeper understanding of how our community is impacting members’ personal growth, philanthropic leadership, advocacy, and grantmaking.

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