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About the Event

Women Moving Millions and Board Member Vanessa Evans hosted our NextGen Summit that brought together a new community of donors and changemakers to explore how to accelerate progress toward a gender equal world.

With the largest-ever wealth transfer to women and millennials underway, there are enormous opportunities for next generation leadership and change. Together, we explored how feminist activism, advocacy, and philanthropy can advance gender equality.

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New York City

Registration and Breakfast




Sarah Haacke Byrd, Chief Executive Officer, Women Moving Millions

Vanessa Evans, Board Member, Women Moving Millions & Co-Founder, Red Butterfly Foundation

Transforming Feminist Philanthropy


NextGen movement leaders will play a major role in the evolution of how we define best practices in feminist philanthropy. In this session, you’ll hear how funders are strategically investing in such leaders to build trust, innovate new systems, and generate increased capital to the field.  

Moderator: Andine Sutarjadi, Director, 21/64

Swatee Deepak, Founding Member, Shake the Table

Ruby Johnson, Gender Justice Consultant and Co-Founder/Co-Director, Closer Than You Think

Advancing Climate and Gender Justice


Our world’s climate crisis is not gender neutral; its impacts have disproportionate effects on individuals of marginalized genders in all parts of the globe. This panel of young climate activists will share how they are doing their part to activate a much needed feminist climate agenda, and offer ideas about how donors can come together to support this global movement.

Moderator: Nathan Méténier, Director, Youth Climate Justice Fund

Ayisha Siddiqa, Youth Advisor to UN

Xiye Bastida, Co-Founder, Re-Earth Initiative

Building Women's Political Power


In order to thrive, democracy requires equal representation of those it is meant to serve. In recent years, we have seen more young women and gender expansive people flexing their political power by serving on boards, voting in elections, and running for and getting elected to public office. In this session, we’ll hear why investing in women’s political and civic engagement is so urgently needed in order to advance gender equality.

Moderator: Zakiya Thomas, President & CEO, ERA Coalition & Fund for Women’s Equality

Paloma Arroyo, Deputy Director of National Campaigns, Supermajority

Sara Guillermo, Chief Executive Officer, IGNITE

Morning Recap


Dr. Kristin Blakely, Board Member, Women Moving Millions



Influencing Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence and gender equality are deeply intertwined, and our society would be remiss to ignore that assumption. In this session,  experts will share why feminist approaches to AI development and design are critical in this booming field.

Moderator: Sushma Raman, President and CEO, Heising-Simons Foundation

Nabiha Syed, Chief Executive Officer, The Markup

Tracy Chou, Founder & CEO, Block Party

Championing Access to Women’s Health Care and Tech


When we gear healthcare to the needs of women, we improve their overall health outcomes. In this panel, leaders in the relatively new sector of tech, Femtech, will share how they are disrupting the status quo to provide improved feminine health knowledge, care, and access to women across the globe.

Moderator: Nkemakonam “Nkem” Ejoh Carter, Philanthropic Advisor to the Office of the President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Priyanka Jain, Co-Founder and CEO, Evvy 

Dr. Roopan Gill, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Vitala Global Foundation

Centering LGBTQ+ Leaders


Representatives from Funders for LGBTQ Issues and aligned organizations are rightfully centering LGBTQ+ voices in order to move the needle on equitably resourcing historically underfunded, marginalized communities. This panel will shed light on how the NextGen philanthropic community can continue to engage in the cause.

Moderator: Aldita Gallardo, Principal, Aldita Gallardo Consulting & Board of Directors, Funders for LGBTQ Issues

Ana Conner, Co-Director, Third Wave Fund 

Saida Agostini-Bostic, President, Funders for LGBTQ Issues



Vanessa Evans, Board Member, Women Moving Millions & Co-Founder, Red Butterfly Foundation

Reception to follow!

4:00 - 6:00PM


Ana Conner (they/he/she)

Co-Director, Third Wave Fund

Ana is a mixed, Black, queer, gender non-conforming organizer and fundraiser committed to community building and resourcing movements. Ana is currently the board Secretary for the Transgender Law Center and their local community garden, and is on the board of Funders for LGBTQ Issues. Read Ana’s full bio.

Andine Sutarjadi (she/her)

Director, 21/64

Andine Sutarjadi is a speaker, facilitator and writer on next generation philanthropy who has dedicated her career toward advancing inclusive practices in philanthropic decision-making, governance and advising. Read Andine’s full bio.

Ayisha Siddiqa (she/her)

Youth Advisor to UN

Ayisha is a Pakistani American activist serving as Youth Climate Advisor to the UN Secretary General and co-founder of Polluters Out, a global youth activist coalition. She was named one of TIME’s Women of the Year 2023. Read more.

Aldita Gallardo (she/they/ella)

Principal, Aldita Gallardo Consulting & Board of Directors, Funders for LGBTQ Issues

Aldita is an organizer, facilitator, and resource mobilizer. She works for a donor collaborative that resources emerging trans-led organizations in the United States. Read Aldita’s full bio.

Dr. Kristin Blakely (she/her)

Board Member, Women Moving Millions

Kristin is a public sociologist committed to advancing gender equity through scholarly teaching, research, advocacy, governance and philanthropy. Read Kristin’s full bio.

Nabiha Syed (she/her)

Chief Executive Officer, The Markup

Nabiha Syed leads The Markup, an award-winning media startup that challenges technology to serve the public good.  Nabiha was personally recognized by the NAACP as a digital civil rights icon in 2023. Read Nabiha’s full bio.

Nathan Méténier (he/they)

Director for Development, Youth Climate Justice Fund

Nathan is a member of Antonio Guterres’ Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change (2020-2023) and founder of the largest European coalition of youth-led networks on climate issues. Read Nathan’s full bio.

Nkemakonam Ejoh Carter (she/her)

Philanthropic Advisor to the Office of the President, Planned Parenthood

Nkem Ejoh Carter has a career-long track record of thinking about international development through a black-feminist lens, fundraising for national and international social issues, working closely with world leading experts, towards the goal of increasing capacity for equitable access to essential life sustaining resources. Read Nkem’s full bio.

Paloma Arroyo (she/her/ella)

Deputy Director of National Campaigns, Supermajority

Paloma focuses on exploring ways to expand the progressive women’s voting bloc and fostering a community of leaders prepared to make the Majority Rules a reality in our lifetime. Read Paloma’s full bio.

Priyanka Jain (she/her)

Co-founder & CEO, Evvy

Priyanka is the co-founder & CEO of Evvy, where her mission is to close the gender health gap, starting by decoding the vaginal microbiome.  Read Priyanka’s full bio.

Dr. Roopan Gill (she/her)

Co-Founder, Vitala Global Foundation

Roopan is an obstetrician gynecologist with expertise in family planning and abortion care. She co-founded Vitala Global in 2020 with the aim to co-design localized digital platforms to support abortion and contraception care for those living in the most challenging contexts.  Read Roopan’s full bio.

Ruby Johnson (she/her)

Gender Justice Consultant and Co-Founder/Co-Director, Closer Than You Think

Ruby Johnson is a leading feminist practitioner, strategist, and advocate who works with movements, organizations, and philanthropy to move resources and power to girls and young people. Read Ruby’s full bio.

Sara Guillermo (she/her)

Chief Executive Officer, IGNITE

Sara is the CEO of IGNITE, bringing to the role over 15 years experience helping young women break into America’s political landscape to become leaders within their communities and beyond. Read Sara’s full bio.

Sarah Haacke Byrd (she/her)

Chief Executive Officer, Women Moving Millions

As CEO, Sarah is responsible for building strategy and scale around WMM’s mission for greater impact in gender equality. Read Sarah’s full bio.

Saida Agostini-Bostic (she/her)

President, Funders for LGBTQ Issues

Saida is the President of Funders for LGBTQ Issues, a network of more than 90 foundations, corporations, and funding institutions collectively awarding more than $1 billion annually.
Read Saida’s full bio.

Sushma Raman (she/her)

President and CEO, Heising-Simons Foundation

Sushma is an interdisciplinary and experienced philanthropic leader. Sushma brings over two decades of experience launching, scaling, and leading social justice and philanthropic programs and collaboratives, including helping build capabilities of grassroots human rights organizations and their leaders. Read Sushma’s full bio.

Swatee Deepak (she/her)

Co-Chair, Global Fund for Children and EMpower

Swatee works with foundations in strategy development and design, with individuals and families of wealth on their redistribution strategies and oversees a portfolio of businesses and start-ups.  Read more.

Tracy Chou (she/her)

Founder & CEO, Block Party

Tracy Chou is an entrepreneur and software engineer known for her work advocating for diversity and inclusion in tech. She founded Block Party, which builds tools for online safety and anti-harassment, and is co-founder of Project Include, a non-profit working to create a tech ecosystem where everyone has a fair chance to succeed. Read more.

Vanessa Evans (she/her)

Board Member, Women Moving Millions & Co-Founder, Red Butterfly Foundation

Vanessa is a French/American co-founder and philanthropist. Along with her passion for the arts comes her immense passion for being a strong advocate for women’s and girls’ rights. Read Vanessa’s full bio.

Xiye Bastida (she/her)

Co-Founder, Re-Earth Initiative

Xiye Bastida is a 19-year-old climate justice activist. She is an organizer with Fridays For Future and the co-founder of Re-Earth Initiative, an international youth-led organization that focuses on highlighting the intersectionality of the climate crisis. Read Xiye’s full bio.

Zakiya Thomas (she/her)

President & CEO, ERA Coalition & Fund for Women’s Equality

Zakiya is an agent for change, working to make equality a reality for all people. Using her experiences as a political strategist and nonprofit manager, Zakiya leads a diverse coalition of over 280 organizations representing 80 million people. Read Zakiya’s full bio.

WMM Releases New Report

In 2023, we surveyed the WMM membership in our inaugural Community Impact Survey. We are thrilled to share our results and learnings through our new report, Catalyzing Change: Powering the Movement through Community & Collaboration (2024). The results of this survey not only validated our theory of change, but also provided us with a deeper understanding of how our community is impacting members’ personal growth, philanthropic leadership, advocacy, and grantmaking.

Read the Report

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