Catalyzing Resources for a Gender Equal World

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We are a community of 340 individuals who each make a minimum $1M commitment to organizations and initiatives benefiting women and girls.

Together, we represent a new era of resources by and for women, using the power of our voice and our influence to inspire others to invest with a gender lens.

Guided by our mission and work to accelerate progress toward gender equality, we come together to think creatively and work collaboratively to sprout new solutions to propel us closer to a more equitable future.

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Over $820M Committed

340 Members committed

16 Countries and growing

We invest in women and girls as agents of change, not just because we believe in gender equality, but because it’s a smarter, more effective way to deliver impact for everyone.

What we do

  • We activate our individual potential to be better philanthropists, sparking curiosity and inspiring learning.
  • We leverage our collective strength, networks, and voice to accelerate progress toward gender equality.
  • We bring our thought leadership and ideas to the broader philanthropic community to identify funding gaps.
  • We connect members with changemakers to spark powerful collaborations and build strong partnerships.
Katie Spencer
"I believe it starts with us. I want to be in community with women who are invested in themselves – who acknowledge they are uniquely positioned to lead their lives, families, and communities into the next chapter, and living fully in their leadership potential."

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Realizing Generation Equality

In partnership with the UN Foundation through a four-part conversation series, WMM invited renowned philanthropy and private sector leaders, advocates, and experts in their respective fields to explore key questions that intersect with the issues of gender equality and philanthropy. Our report explores key themes and topics from each of those four conversations.

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Use the power of your voice and influence to accelerate progress toward a gender
equal world.

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