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Our Legacy

Women Moving Millions began as a campaign in 2007 and quickly transformed into a community with a shared vision of creating a gender equal world. We greatly honor the past commitments of time, talent, and treasure from an incredibly inspirational founding group of change-makers, early trailblazers, and Board of Directors members of WMM. Without these individuals, the world might not know the true power of the purse or know of the tiny spark that caught flame when the idea for Women Moving Millions was born.

The amazing leaders below stepped up early to help create what is now the largest group of individual donors making million-dollar gifts for women and girls. From time on various committee calls to strategic planning sessions, financial and in-kind support, this organization would not exist as it does today without the commitment of each person on this list.

We are grateful for our visionary founders and partners who understood the power and transformative potential of this community to change the world. We thank them deeply as we look forward to the years ahead, to our growth, and our continued collective mission to catalyze unprecedented resources for the advancement of women and girls.

  • Helen LaKelly Hunt
    (Co-Founder, WMM)*
  • Swanee Hunt
  • Jacki Zehner
    (Co-Founder, WMM)*
  • Chris Grumm
    (Co-Founder, WMM Campaign)
  • Kimberly Agnew
  • Wendy Anderson
  • Carol Andreae
  • Wendy Appelbaum
  • Loreen Arbus*
  • Cynda Collins Arsenault
  • Jean Beard
  • Cecilia Boone
  • Barbara Bridges
  • Jennifer Buffett
  • Marcia Cardamore
  • Maria Chrin
  • Mayree Clark
  • Jane Comer
  • Julie F. Cummings
  • Anne Delaney
  • Abigail Disney
  • Barbara Dobkin
  • Kaleta Doolin
  • Peggy Dulany
  • Gayle Embrey
  • Lauren Embrey*
  • Laurie Emrich
  • Jodie Evans
  • Vanessa Evans
  • Holly Fogle
  • Margot Franssen*
  • Tracy Gary
  • Julie George
  • Shamaya Gilo
  • Lynda Goldstein
  • Sapphira Goradia
  • Jim Greenbaum
  • Katie Grover
  • Ruth Ann Harnisch
  • Sheila Johnson
  • Francine LeFrak
  • Deborah Lindholm
  • Sarah Losinger
  • Ann Lovell*
  • Josh Mailman
  • Debbie McLeod*
  • Anne Mendel
  • Alida Messinger
  • Kayrita Mitchell
  • Susan Morrison*
  • Maria Núñez
  • Ann Olivarius
  • Elizabeth Carlock Phillips
  • Gael Sylvia Pullen
  • Jane Ragle
  • Cathy Raphael
  • Diana Rose
  • Jana Shea
  • Lindsay Shea
  • Elizabeth Sheehan
  • S. Mona Sinha
  • Mary Tidlund*
  • Judi Wagner
  • Sage Wheeler
  • Monica Winsor
  • Trea Yip

*Members of our Inaugural Board of Directors

Together we can do more.

Use the power of your voice and influence to accelerate progress toward a gender
equal world.

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